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Course Overview

The Christian journey is a long and challenging, yet immensely rewarding experience that has the potential for a hundredfold reward both in this life and the next. The foundation we lay and build upon, however, will greatly shape the quality and success our journey.

Guided by the Holy Spirit and empowered by God’s grace as a wise master builder, Pastor Olubi Johnson presents and teaches the foundational principles of our Christian faith in this 12-lesson online course.

For new believers, this course will prepare and equip you for the journey ahead. It will establish you, accelerate your spiritual growth and shield against shifting doctrines and prevalent falsehoods in our world. For experienced believers, these teachings will serve as a refreshing anchor to keep you firmly grounded in your most holy faith.

Course Features

Course Curriculum

01.Overview of Christianity

This lesson delves into the true essence of Christianity, dispelling misconceptions that reduce it to a mere set of rules and regulations. Exploring the transformative power of a new life within, this topic highlights the crucial distinction between outward behavior and genuine inner change. Discover the profound impact of this perspective on the lives of Christians and how it sets Christianity apart from other religions

02.Realities of Being Born Again and of the Spirit World

In this lesson, we delve into essential aspects of Christianity, such as salvation by grace through faith, the concept of being born again, and the transformative power of faith and grace. Gain insights into these foundational elements and their significance in the Christian belief system

03.The Doctrine of Baptisms and Prayer in The Spirit

In this lesson, we examine the significance of various baptisms (e.g. water, Spirit, fire, etc) for believers. Additionally, we’ll explore the vital role of prayer and praying in the Spirit in a Christian’s life, along with effective prayer techniques and its scriptural importance. This lesson will set you on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and deepen your connection with God.

04.Principles of Faith

This lesson explores the essence of faith and its significance for Christians. Rooted in the scriptures, we’ll uncover the reasons why faith is indispensable, how to cultivate it, exercise it in various aspects of our Christian journey, and embrace its role in patience and forgiveness. These faith principles serve as vital foundations, enriching our Christian walk and deepening our spiritual connection.

05.Righteousness and Life

Do you know that righteousness is both right standing and right doing? That righteousness and the Life of God are interlinked – that the more access to the life of God one has, the more righteousness he walks in? This lesson examines the subjects of righteousness, sins and the Life of God. Discover how the life of God can be employed to combat our sin nature, empowering believers to live a righteous and godly life.

06.Walking in Life and Love

Life: What is it? This lesson explains that it is the substance inside God that makes Him God. The significance of God’s life and love is explored in this two-part teaching, which also explains how they are connected. In addition the types of love, characteristics of divine love, forgiveness, and the seven pillars of wisdom are taught in-depth to provide comprehensive knowledge for our Christian walk.

07.Faith for Healing, Deliverance and Prosperity

In this transformative lesson, explore Christ’s redemptive work on Calvary and its promise of healing, deliverance, and prosperity for believers. Discover your authority and how to exercise faith to enforce God’s will over your life, rejecting sickness, poverty, and oppression. Step into abundant blessings through understanding Christ’s redemptive power.

08.General Exhortations to Practical Christian Living Worship

In this transformative two-part lesson, we explore the prophecy of John 4:23 and the mandate of Acts 1:8. Part one takes us on a profound exploration of true worship and how to worship God in spirit and truth, while in Part 2, we learn strategic approaches to effectively witnessing Christ through our behaviour, speech, purity, and giving, becoming powerful testimonies of His grace and impacting lives for eternity.

09.Daily Prayer for the Christian and Holy Communion

This lesson is a two-part teaching on daily prayer and Holy Communion. In the first part, we explore daily, weekly, and monthly prayers in the spirit, overcoming hindrances, prayers that avail much, praying without ceasing, essential prayer points, and spiritual warfare. The second part centres on Holy Communion, comprehending its meaning, emblems, ceremonial instructions, and the benefits it offers, and guiding you on how to fully enjoy them.

10.The Resurrection

This lesson examines the popular yet misunderstood doctrines of the resurrection (its types, orders and glories), latter-day events, and the endtime timetable. It covers subjects such as the perfection and tribulation of the Church, world evangelism, the rapture, the great tribulation, the millennial reign of Christ, the white throne judgement, and God’s eternal kingdom.

11.Eternal Judgement

What is judgment? It is God’s measured response to man. It is important to explore this topic because believers need to understand that God will judge how we live on Earth based on our motives, methods, and means. The necessity of judgement, parameters by which we would be judged, and types of judgement are taught in this section, in the light of scripture.

12.Understanding the Gifts in the Body of Christ and Spiritual Covering

This lesson introduces that the gifts of the spirit are administered by the Holy Spirit and enabled by the power of God. The types of giftings, and gifts of the Holy Spirit as highlighted in the scriptures are thoroughly explored, and distinctions made to avoid confusion. These teachings are essential for enlightening believers on how to work intelligently with the Holy Spirit.

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